MAVERICK CONCIERGE offers personalized concierge, front desk and bellman services to residential and corporate clients in New York and New Jersey. Our co-founder Mark Morcos worked the forefronts of the hospitality industry for luxury residential buildings along the gold coast of NY & NJ’s tri-state. Having built an expansive business acumen in the hospitality and concierge sector, Mr. Morcos was able to curate a personalized experience for his clients by identifying key indicators non present in most mismanaged front desks. Maverick Concierge fine tunes their services to improve tenant satisfaction, reduce costs and alleviate the property management’s efforts.


      We hold bi-weekly training seminars to ensure our staff remains motivated, knowledgeable and professional. Our associates provide our clients with a unique experience to ensure we extend the utmost hospitality. Our staff is carefully screened and selected by whether or not they possess the attributes and strengths required to successfully serve your business needs. Our associates undergo background checks, are fully insured, and neatly uniformed to best represent your business.  

      Maverick Concierge has engineered a company employment guideline, outlining custom standard operating procedures including but not limited to the following; Appearance, Compliance, Confidentiality, Daily Reports, Deliveries, Emergencies, Fire Procedures, First Aid, Maintenance, Moving In/Out, Employee Punctuality, Resident Guests, Telephone Etiquette, Theft & more.

Mark Morcos (Founder)

“The first person you see upon entering a building is your bellman, followed by your concierge. In many instances, future tenants base their first impression solely on the front desk’s personnel. A warm smile followed by proper mannerisms and uniformity have a tremendous effect on their first impression. If you can warrant that feeling daily on your tenants, their overall living experience is improved. Having that influence on our residents really makes our services that much more special.” Mark Morcos (Founder)